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Ecological concept

Motivation and Purpose
Climate change, the limited availability of natural resources and rampant environmental damage  make it necessary for every employee as well as for the entire Stettler Sapphire Group (hereinafter “Stettler Sapphire) to make a change in the way they think and act.
Stettler Sapphire intends to meet these challenges and assume its environmental responsibilities towards society as a whole. Accordingly, compliance with this Environmental Policy and its principles of responsibility and sustainability is mandatory for all Stettler Sapphire employees.
The Environmental Management System (EMS) is an integral part of the Management Handbook and is ISO 9001 and 14001-certified.

Active Role
We make an effective contribution to the preservation of our environment by incorporating considerations of environmental protection into our decisions and our action. The Environmental Management System is designed as a closed loop system and constitutes an effective guidance tool for Stettler Sapphire.

Role of Employees
Employee training and motivation address environmental matters too.  Each individual is to perform his or her tasks in a responsible and environmentally sound manner. We encourage employee initiatives as part of our Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) and reward such efforts.

We strive to develop and implement solutions designed to save energy and to optimize the use of energy at all times.

The use of materials is to be optimized throughout the value-added chain. Recycling concepts are verified and used. This also applies to the disposal of production and special waste. The use of resource-saving and environmentally sound raw materials, input materials and consumables is a key factor when engaged in procurement, processing, development and sales activities.

Harmful Products
Whenever possible, new products and processes are to be developed and introduced without the use of products that are harmful to the environment. Existing products are continuously evaluated by the Safety Officer and replaced by products that are more acceptable provided they do not adversely affect product quality.

Data and Expertise
In order to document gains in efficiency, we strive to continuously capture and evaluate all data and expertise acquired in connection with our Environmental Management System.

We favor suppliers and business partners who are dealing with or have implemented an environmental management system, or who are certified themselves. When visiting suppliers, we will address the issue and require substantiation or documentation.
Legislation and Regulatory
Of course, we adhere to compliance with all laws, provisions, ordinances and requirements prescribed by the legislature.

Environmental Audits/ISO 14001 Certification
Compliance with environmental standards is verified by conducting environmental audits on a regular basis. In the event of potential for improvement, the necessary measures are to be introduced immediately.

Results and Open Communication
We openly communicate with our employees and stakeholders on issues pertaining to our Environmental Management System. We embrace transparency by publishing our annual environmental report. Environmental targets and programs are adjusted regularly and authorized and verified by Management.