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Company history

2012    Further expansion of production plant and of management team in Mauritius.
Expansion of marketing activities in the United States and in  Germany.
Optimization of production procedures and processes for increased productivity.
A workforce of 160 in Lyss, 250 in Mauritius.
Production area totals 10,000 sqm; Administration 2,500 sqm.
Representation in the United States, Hong Kong and Singapore.
2011   A new company structure is created in accordance with long-term succession planning. The newly founded Sapphire Holding Ltd. acquires 100% of Stettler Sapphire Ltd.’s share capital. Majority shareholder of the holding is the German equity firm Equita GmbH with a significant part further held by members of Stettler Sapphire Ltd.’s existing management team.
Stettler Sapphire acquires 100% of the shares in Stettler (Mtius) Ltd.
Major investments in new production facilities for polishing special 3D forms and shapes in sapphire (watch cases, technical products) as well as automation for grinding semifinished jewels.
Further expansion of production site in Mauritius.
2009   Implementation of an updated management system.
Certification in accordance with ISO standard 9001:2008.
Stettler Sapphire Ltd. is first to receive the Sustainable Human Resources Management label.
First series production of polished, special forms and shapes in sapphire.

125th Anniversary
Own production of sapphire crystals using the Stepanov method is started in Mauritius.

2005   Inauguration of an additional manufacturing hall.
2003   Introduction of a process-oriented management system.
Certification in accordance with Assessment SQS 9004.

Patent for the manufacture of toric shapes in sapphire and new application possibilities for the design of watch crystals.

2000   Certification in accordance with ISO Standard 9001:2000.
1996   Introduction of a new management system.
Introduction of SAP R3.
Certification in accordance with ISO Standard 9001.
1992   Martin Stettler takes over company management.
Development and expansion of production facilities at the Lyss, Switzerland, and Mauritius sites. Expansion of production capacity for dome-shaped crystals and diversification into medical and optical applications.
Continued machine R&D for company needs, automation and processing.
1989   Subsidiary founded in Mauritius.
1985   Martin Stettler joins the Company.
1984   Building extension with 2,100 m2 of additional production area.



On-going development and diversification. First production worldwide of watch crystals made of synthetic sapphire. New possibilities for sapphire applications in technical markets. Development and design of suitable machinery for the rational processing and manufacture of quality products, in particular spherical and cylindrical curved watch crystals. Continued automation.

1951   Erich Stettler assumes company management. Company is incorporated in 1955 as Hans Stettler Ltd.
1927   Company moves to Bürenstrasse in Lyss
1921   Hans Stettler joins the Company. For the first time, the Company processes synthetic corundum in addition to natural ruby.
1901   Gottfried Stettler develops the first machines for the industrial production of watch jewel blanks.
1881   Fritz Stettler starts a workshop in St. Niklaus near Biel/Bienne for the manufacture of semifinished jewels made from natural ruby.