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Stettler (Mtius) Ltd.


2012   Further reinforcement of management
250 employees
Production area 4,000 sqm
2011   Certification ISO norm 9001-2008
Acquisition of 100% share capital
2006   Launch of in-house crystal growing using the Stepanov method
Expanded capacity in all areas of activity


  Increased production of cylindrical crystals
Own production of tooling launched
2000   Production launch of cylindrical curved crystals
200 employees
Production area 2,600 sqm


  Increased production of spherical crystals
Complex shapes
Introducing SAP ERP
1996   Production launch of spherical curved crystals
150 employees
Production area 2,000 sqm


  Expansion of flat crystals processing
Form building
100 employees
Production area 1,200 sqm



Founding of Stettler (Mtius) Ltd. together with a local partner
66% stake
20 employees
Polishing flat crystals
Production area 500 sqm



Due to increasing pressure from the Far East to lower costs, our Company chose to locate a production plant in a developing country. Mauritius was preferred over other possible sites due to its sufficient infrastructures, political stability and its proactive effort to persuade industries to locate here. In addition, communication is easy: the official language is English with French being commonly spoken.


Plant & Infrastructure

Some 500 pieces of machinery and equipment for the conventional machine-processing of sapphire and CNC-controlled operations guarantee high production capacity and a standard of quality that is identical with that of Switzerland. Manufactured here are standard products in large quantities as well as special parts for the watch industry and technical markets.

Emergency generators provide power in the event of outages.

A permanent online link with Switzerland via SAP ERP provides for a uniform planning monitored by the parent company and for ready access to relevant data.


Organization & Management

The process-driven management system based on the same corporate governance guidelines as those in effect in Switzerland has been certified since 2011 in accordance with ISO 9001:2008. In addition to General Manager Andreas Tanner, the management team comprises 5 other senior Swiss and European officers. All benefit from extensive experience in sapphire processing and mostly began their career with the parent company in Switzerland. Two additional officers from Switzerland joined the Mauritius management team in 2012.