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Manufacture of technical components
in sapphire

Since 1881, STETTLER SAPPHIRE has been reinventing itself to manufacture and finish sapphire.

In a modern environment with a dynamic of novelty and innovation, STETTLER SAPPHIRE is an internationally renowned player in the markets for watch glasses and technical components in synthetic sapphire.



The Swiss watchmaking industry has long used synthetic sapphire for its crystals.

Glues and adhesives

Colles et adhésifs

The company has also diversified into the manufacture of solvent-free adhesives and protective varnishes.



Sapphire has many advantages for the medical industry


Business areas

Thanks to its exceptional physical properties, sapphire has established as a high-performance material.

Extremely hard, sapphire cannot be scratched by most materials.

Combined with its outstanding resistance properties (chemical, electrical and mechanical), sapphire is a favourite of the watchmaking industry and other cutting-edge sectors.


Company member of the IMI Group

Founded in 1987, the IMI Group has historically focused its expertise on the watchmaking market.

Its expertise is now being extended to the non-watchmaking luxury sector (jewellery and luxury accessories). It also supplies other industrial segments such as aerospace, medical and high-tech industries.